Kid Style Diary: Birthday Bliss

Shirt - Stella McCartney for Gap (also seen here)
Jeans - GapKids original fit distressed denim
Shoes - Nike Closer III
Jacket - Everlast
Watch - Target

Sale Sunday!

Now through May 2nd, GapKids is having a shorts sale. The "Buy one, get one for $10" sale is available both in stores and online. If you have kids who, like mine, grow like weeds--then this sale is for you. If you have kids who, like mine, are on the cusp of growing out of kids' clothes and into adult sizes--then this sale is for you. I find that shorts in my son's size sell out first and that by early June, I am peering into the most hidden of nooks and crannies of stores, in desperate hopes of finding enough pairs to get him through the summer. So, I am spreading the word about this great sale in the hopes of saving you some trouble as well.

Shop the sale now.                                     

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Kid Style Diary: Jumper

Tee shirt, Jacket, Wrist Band - Vans
Jeans - Children's Place classic dark wash
Shoes - Air Jordan Alpha 1
Watch - Target
Beaded chain - gift from Nigeria

Sex and the City 2 - extended trailer

Feast your eyes upon the official extended trailer for Sex and the City 2. This one includes a snippet of Carrie running into Aidan, and I think it gives us more clues into what the issues will be for the ladies this time around. I can NOT wait for tickets to go on sale. I've been secretly stalking the website for the Landmark Theatre in my area, just dying to see that magical date appear. But alas, for now--this preview will certainly do! My favorite line: Lily " Jasmine and Aladdin?" Carrie: "Yes, Sweetie. But--with cocktails." WONDERFUL!!

Shoes of Prey - Yay or Nay?

Today I visited Shoes of Prey, a website that allows the consumer to design her own shoe and have it custom made and shipped to her. Shoes of Prey allows you to choose the type of shoe, materials, decorations and heel height.

Step 1: Choose between a gladiator heel, round toe, round toe with platform, wedge, pointy toe or ballet flat.

Step 2: Choose the fabric for the toe, back and heel of your shoe, as well as any desired decoration. Fabrics include fish skin, snake skin, soft leather, shiny leather, patent leather, suede or hair.

Step 3: Save your design or purchase the shoe.

Once you have done your part, the behind the scenes custom creation of the shoe ensues. The shoes are created from scratch—starting with pattern making and continuing through the final cutting, cleaning and polishing of the shoe. The total process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

What I like about the site:
 - It sells shoes (That was an obvious one).

- You can create the shoes yourself. It provides a creative outlet and an opportunity to have shoes that no one else has a pair quite like—the luxury of exclusivity.

- If you’re less creative, there is a gallery of pre-designed shoes where you can check out previous designs. Some of the shoes that appear in the site gallery are actually quite loveable (like the pair above) and there is the opportunity to further customize these as well.

What I don’t like about the site:

- Prices range from $180 for a ballet flat, to $280 for a 4 - 4 1/2” heel. While I understand they are covering the costs of materials and creation, for that amount of money, I shouldn’t have to pitch in and do any of the work. Not even the design. But that’s just my opinion.

Check it out and decide for yourself.

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Stella McCartney for GapKids - Summer 2010 Collection

The Stella McCartney for GapKids summer collection is now available at and in stores. The aesthetic is simple, cool and slightly retro and features darling eyelets, breathable crochet, rolled-up denim and bright pops of color. We still see some of the bold plaids and stripes from the first Stella McCartney Collection. The price point is still approximately $20 - $70.

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