2011 style stalking


There is something so sweet about scoring that perfect deal on that perfect item, but sometimes the process can be a pain. There are some websites that make style stalking more exhilarating, and much less frustrating. Here are 2 such websites that will aid you in your fashionable bargain hunting in the new year.


Explore, Shop or Create. These are among the many potential activities to engage in on Polyvore. This unique site allows users to generate the content. Members “clip” information (including photos, prices and where-to-purchase) about their favorite items or things on their wish list into the Polyvore site, where the information becomes available to other users. From there you can:

- explore other users’ “sets” (or the looks they have created) to see what they are crushing on, or what is currently hot in fashion

- shop the items in these sets

- generate a custom search that will pull items from every user on the site (i.e. black dress), and shop from the search page

- create your own set using items that other users have clipped or by pulling in your own pieces from various websites

- share sets on social media sites

Polyvore is effective for style stalking because it gives you the ability to search for specific items, compare prices/styles and purchase--all from the same site. And even if you choose not to create, you can still shop.

Limitation: Because most of the content is user generated, there will be items from varying types of retailers, including international ones. While having options is great, be sure to research retailers you are not familiar with prior to purchasing.


Searching the ShopStyle site is simple and the search results are always vast and accurate to your search parameters. Find Men’s, Women’s and kids’ clothing, accessories, handbags, home items and more all from one site. Scroll through pages of photos with brand, store and pricing info included and then click through to the actual retail site of any item you choose, without ever leaving ShopStyle. You can refine your search by item type, color, store, price and even size! Additionally you can join groups on ShopStyle to exchange information, create wish lists and create looks of your own by saving items to your favorites.

ShopStyle is effective for style stalking because it is organized in a way that makes shopping for your necessary items both easy and fast. It’s fantastic when you need to find an item, but have limited time. It is also ideal for passive bargain hunting as you can also sign up for sale alerts and be sent an email when your favorite brands have items on sale.

Limitation: ShopStyle seems to only pull from certain stores so your favorite retailer may not make the cut.

What are some of your favorite sites for custom searches that result in great finds and deals?