New Jewelry Club: JewelMint

Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter have started JewelMint, essentially a jewelry-of-the-month club featuring designs that consumers can choose from based on a  pre-selected group of products. The jewelry is designed to be one-of-a-kind—I checked out the photos on the site and what they feature is actually fairly adorable.

So for $29.99 per month, your JewelMint membership is activated, and after a short quiz to determine your preferences and personal style, you’ll receive individually selected recommendations every month. If you love something, you can purchase, but if you don’t you have the option to skip the month.

The model is glaringly similar to the concept behind Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Dazzle (which I meant to write about when I joined, but never did) where the item of the month is shoes. You’re given a quiz upon initiating membership, and Shoe Dazzle brand shoes are recommended monthly for you to purchase if you choose, or you can skip the month if you’d like. Shoe Dazzle has also recently added Dazzle Avenue which features handbags and costume jewelry sets.

Based on the growing popularity of Shoe Dazzle (I personally have several pair from the site that I adore), I’d say Miss Bosworth and  Miss Coulter have a jewel of a concept on their hands, provided the merchandise is of good quality and the customer service is good (Shoe Dazzle’s rocks!). I personally do not need another shopping addiction to contend with, but head on over if you’re interested and decide for yourself.