Black Girls Rock!

I would be remisce if I did not mention how absolutely wonderfully positively mind-blowing BET's Black Girls Rock presentation was tonight. It spoke to every beautiful, strong, caring and fabulous thing that there is about Black women. We are so much more than we are often portrayed to be. I wrote a more detailed post about it on the blog I co-author with my bestie GG, which you can read here. And I also wanted to share a fantastic and oh too true post from another good friend, A,  that you can read here.

I rock because I'm chic inside, not just on the outside. I rock because what I wear or carry on my arm is only part of what represents me. I rock because I'm a mother and I've given birth to the most rocking little Black child I know.

Why do you rock?

“I know enough to know I’m not yet where I’m going to be...I’m always becoming.” ~Ruby Dee