5 Items to Pamper Winter Skin

Colder temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. Beat winter at its own game by developing a routine now that pampers, luxuriates and leaves you with supple skin, perfect for snuggling against under the covers. Here are some items I’ve recently purchased:

Alba Sea Salt Body Scrub / No More Rough Stuff Pumice
Alba Sea Salt Body Scrub helps rid your body, hands and feet of dead skin cells as the Hawaiian scent conjures memories of recent summer warmth. Use a pumice stone, like this one from The Body Shop, to smooth away extra roughness from heels and the bottom of your feet. The oil infused in this scrub will leave your skin super soft even after you’ve left the shower.

St Ives Swiss Formula Invigorating Apricot Scrub

Treat that beautiful face a little more gently with St Ives Swiss Formula Invigorating Apricot Scrub. It’s gentler for the thinner skin—especially that around your eyes—and is not oily, so it rinses clean.


Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Hard cuticles and hang nails are no fun for anyone. Treat your nail beds with Essie’s aromatic Apricot Cuticle Oil, applied twice per day for optimal softening power. It can even be used over polish and doesn’t cause it to chip.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E oil works as effectively externally as it does as an internal supplement, and it is great for both skin and hair. Apply liberally before bed when the extra oiliness won’t ruin your favorite clothes. Use on your face in lieu of your regular moisturizer when going sans makeup for a healthy glow.