Sleeveless Shirts & Starbucks

A Tale of Sleeveless Shirts and Starbucks....
Also known as: a glimpse into why I'm often running late in the mornings...

Today is sales meeting day, but not just the regular Tuesday sales meeting—the “big deal announcement/product launch/guest executives in attendance” type of meeting. So my first thought upon waking this morning (after the random Tupac lyrics stuck in my head from yesterday's iPod shuffle ran through again) was, "What am I going to wear?" Typically, big deal “all hands on deck” meetings require strict adherence to company dress code, which means that blazers or collared shirts are the number one desired look, with cardied arms following in second. But, it’s summer so I don’t want to do a blazer and I’ve already worn my go-to black sweater. So I visually scan my closet again aiming to put together my most professional look. I realize I haven’t yet worn my score from the H&M Garden Collection to work, so I don it, belt it and add a black patent leather pump with a snakeskin buckle detail and this outfit is to die for. I spin a couple of times in the full length and think how much ironing all these pleats is going to require and note the sleevelessness, then decide this is way too fab for work anyway--but is absolute perfection for the homie’s birthday/grad bash coming up next weekend. I’ll rock it then instead. I look at the yellow Banana Republic frock that shows way too much cleavage for a meeting with sadness because it won’t work, dig through my summer clothing annex (also known as the plastic storage bin in the hallway) and come up with nothing but a tank top that I bought last summer that still has the tags on it. It’s cute and a great find so I’m excited, except it doesn’t really aid in my current situation. So I mentally note its existence and hang it up. By this point, it’s becoming ridiculously late and I haven’t even showered yet, I’m getting hungry and I’m still too close to my bed to be fully safe from the nagging urge to crawl back under the covers for “5 more minutes”. So I head to bathroom while continuing to mentally catalogue (this is getting a bit ridiculous I know). The thing about subscribing to the “every day is an occasion to dress up” philosophy is that it becomes more difficult to find things to wear when there’s an actual occasion recognizable by others, so I run into this dilemma often. But I digress.

After showering, and doing light makeup and hair, I finally pull out the ingredients of a successful style mix that I wore about 2 weeks ago--which initially makes me cringe because people might remember--then makes me laugh, because I don’t know who I think I am and my picture wasn’t in Us Weekly that week so I’m probably safe. I’m still yawning as I run around throwing on this accessory and that, spraying perfume and chucking stuff in my handbag; I’m thinking that a Starbucks run is going to be required before the meeting or else I’ll find myself in trouble for inappropriate napping. But alas, I don’t make it out the door quickly enough because my clock reads 8:34am and I have approximately 26 minutes to weave through the crawling traffic on the beltway and not have to run breathlessly into the conference room at 8:59 and :59 seconds…as I have been prone to do in the past. Not a good look.

I drive straight to the hotel where the meeting is being held and I’m disheartened as I glance across the street at the gleaming green Starbucks lady beckoning me to come in and get some of the sweet soy frothiness she has to offer. Simultaneously, I resign myself to hoping that there is at least a pot of any somebody’s brand of brewed beans set up in the conference room so I can suck down a measly 3 ounces of java from one of those ever so tiny white mugs that most hotel kitchen services have. I park and stroll into the conference room at 8:52 (What? The meeting hadn’t started yet…) in my H&M high-waisted, front pleat skirt and sleeveless (I know, irony) black Banana Republic tee shirt looking poised and polished where, I am thrilled to discover, they “proudly serve” Starbucks coffee--and there are even 20 ounce cups! All is well that ends well. *sip sip*


  1. This post is soooo you! Glad it all worked out :)

    I so need some high waisted, knee length pencil skirts in my life by the way. Where should I look?

  2. If by "me" you mean nuts, you are correct. LOL.

    Start at Marshalls, always.

    Then The Limited

    And Asos (where I got that pink dress)

    Will email you more!


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