Random Musing...

Why (lately) I am shying away from jeans…

1.       Overall Fit – I have thicker thighs, a round bottom, a smaller waist, and a post baby tummy. This is a horrible combo when trying to get into standard sized jeans. Even with the coveted spandex in them, I spend years in dressing rooms trying to get the perfect combination jean that fits my bottom half without gaping at the waist.
2.       Length – the invention of length varying jeans was a great one. However, “short” length jeans are only good when I’m wearing flats because if I wear them with heels, they bunch at the knee. “Regular” length jeans are only good when I’m wearing heels. They give me that great long legged look, but I can’t wear them with flats. I can't even opt for my favorite skinnies though I stare at them all summer long and wish they and my tank tops could become fast friends. Solution: buy every pair of jeans in 2 lengths? Totally not cost effective. Scratch.
3.       Muffin Top – Many women suffer from this—both mom and non-mom. It could be the result of the slightest salt-induced bloat, retention of water or a large meal. Regardless of the reason, it is highly uncomfortable, unbecoming and unacceptable. I did see kind of a cool solution here..but it’s a bit costly.  
 4.       Preference – Lately I’m just finding that when it’s time to throw something comfy on, I’m reaching for a dress rather than a jean. In one swift toss over the head, I’ve avoided all the issues above that I would inevitable run into with one pair of jeans or another. And then I don’t have to also find a top. Dresses = one stop shop  garments.

1.       I love leggings (and I wear them appropriately: dark under things, and long enough top to cover both the front and the rear unmentionable areas), but I have yet to find a pair of denim ones that I don’t feel extra bootylicious in. The search continues…
2.       When I was single me, I could spend bill money on afford some of the more expensive jeans and found that I had an easier time finding great fits in those; now that I’m a mom, they’re a ‘distant memory/fashion aspiration’ for the future..
3.       I still love denim: I have denim dresses and jackets that are still in rotation. And I love to see other people fabulously style up a pair of jeans. I gape at them on my friends and on other people’s blogs all the time.

Photo credit: OnSugar.com
 4.       Yes, I know I could get my jeans altered to fit and that would aid in most of these issues… but if I’m being honest, I probably won’t. Frock it.

I reserve the right to change my mind about this, and probably will when fall descends and I can wear my skinny jeans again with tall boots. * shrug *