One of my favorite people, GG, pens The Write Curl Diary. It is here that she shares her innermost (and outermost) thoughts about hair, dance, babies, love, music, and all the other ooey, gooeyness that makes her the darling that she is. If you have a penchant for any of the aforementioned topics, or just for general awesomeness, check her out.

As if G doesn't bring enough sushine to my life, she has passed along a little thing called the Sunshine Award to me.

The Sunshine Award is a moment of appreciation from one blogger to fellow blogger that says, "Hey, you rock. I've noticed. Keep up the good work." So to that end, I pass this along to my twitter pal and ridiculously talented sketch artist/aspiring designer, Mr. Hayden Williams at http://haydenwilliamsfashionillustrations.blogspot.com/ . His fashion illustrations are fierce and he draws a MEAN shoe!

Hayden, my dear, you have officially had sunshine bestowed upon you :). Share it well.