Fashionable Adventures in NYC

I recently took a trip to NY for some good old-fashioned girl time. And what is a more girly pasttime than shopping?--especially in the fashion mecca that is NYC. Even before spending a dime in the city my senses were on fashion overload as I took in the style of the women we passed in the street or who dined near us, or that we watched going about their days from the comfort of the front table at brunch. Huge fabulous bags in great colors and textures; adorable coats of varying lengths and fits with cute tailoring, details or accents; and the boots...oh my the boots-low heels, high heels, wedges, OTK, mid-calf--the boots were to die for, and such a smorgasbord for my eyes that by the end of the morning, I knew that I couldn't leave the city without purchasing some of my own.

My fav street style was that of the Asian women we encountered. They traveled in groups where each individual seemed to have her own unique style, yet they blended as a group. They had the distinct look of being on-trend but influenced by sources outside the US, and they were ALL fab. Yes, every. Single. One of them. In close second was a woman we passed on the upper west side: big curly dirty blonde hair, wearing a brown, beige and white waist-length fur, dark wash skinny jeans, Tory Burch flats and shouldering a black quilted bag with chain strap (Chanel?). She totally channeled Carrie Bradshaw for me.

So, off we went to Soho for the amazing street vendors, cool boutiques and some high-end window shopping past the displays of Louis Vuitton, La Perla, and Anna Sui. From one of the street vendors I nabbed a couple of super soft cashmere pashminas for $5 each-one in a heather grey and another in a lemony yellow to help brighten up these sad winter days.

We browsed a ton of adorable jewelry--glass rings, wooden bangles, leather bracelets and huge earrings. Our first retail stop was at Uniqlo which my girlfriend describes as a "japanese version of Gap". I would agree, but add that its a little edgier than the Gap aestetic and they have some pretty cool technology in winter layering gear like heat tech tights and long sleeved shirts. Think Under Armour but for totally girly non-athletes. I found the beloved argyle tights that I've been searching for in just the right thickness and opaqueness, as well as some cute undergarments. Next we stopped in H&M where I saw the party dress I was gushing over at holiday time, on sale for $15! I wanted to buy it but I didn't feel like peeling off my layers to try it on, and after courting it around the store, I decided to leave it. But I still think it's a beautiful dress. My first in-person visit to Mango was a success. They were having the most awesome sale, but I restrained myself and left only with a long burgundy sweater that will be great for layering over leggings and a black sweater dress, with little flecks of glitter and a cinched waist. I was pleasantly surprised that their sizes run larger so I could fit a smaller size. What girl doesn't love that!? My final purchases were steals: the most adorable black leather bag with a huge flower on the front. I love it and have gotten so many compliments on it;

and a pair of cool distressed brown flat boots w/gold zippers. They're total cheapies, but so cool (and not cheap) looking. Since buying them though, the zipper on my right boot has broken, so I'll need to take them to the shoe repair shop. They were so inexpensive though that I'm not surprised and don't mind the couple of extra dollars.

I have been enjoying my spoils. There's no shopping on the east coast like in NYC. Can't wait for my next trip in April!