Wanderlust Cambodia

With temperatures at and below freezing on the East Coast, and my hands freezing and teeth chattering, I can’t help but let my mind drift to spring. Sweet spring with its warm sun, bright skies, blooming flowers and green grass. My thoughts drift to pastel dresses, skinny straps, sandals, straw totes and big sunglasses. I let my imagination run wild with plans for outings and the outfits that I will wear to them. Enter Wanderlust Cambodia: a collection of dresses, shoes and accessories that are so girly and so free-spirited that I’m instantly transported. Think “travel fabulous”. I have pattern crushes and swing dress dreams about this line. My favorite—and hopefully something that will hang in my closet by the time spring and summer actually arrive—is the palm springs dress in the most understated plaid of soft blues and greens imaginable, as well as pockets (oh how I adore pockets in my dresses!). 

The flip flops come in the most adorable patterns including stripes, zebra, polka dots and strawberries and look impossibly comfortable.

Mama loves her designer sunglasses as much as the next gal, but the mutli-colored oversized plastic sunglasses would be the perfect addition to any of the dresses, and are so much fun to look at that they have to be just as much fun to wear. And at $8 each, they’re a steal.

The “boho chic” jewelry comes in as many styles and types as the free spirits who are destined to wear them, from the wide glossy bangles to leather wrap around bracelets to colored feather earrings.

This line isn’t just fabulous—there are also pieces that support a cause. For their natural collection they work with an NGO (non-government organization) in takeo province, cambodia where the villagers are not just throwing pieces together, they are working with organic materials and learning valuable skills. Gotta love fashion that cares.

There is so much more to love at this site. Check it out and fall in love for yourself.

Photo credit: all photos courtesy of wanderlustcambodia.com


  1. wow. I love this post. the content is great and informative but the quality of your writing was so engaging that it made me read it a few times through. YOu can tell that you really love fashion...the love is all in the way the words flow and you make me love it too. You continue to impress me, Chic Mommy!

  2. I love that dress! It really is gorgeous and perfect for LA...not to rub it in but it is 80 degrees here right now and I could really use such a pretty dress!

  3. Thanks G! I so appreciate the positive affirmation.

  4. Ameena,
    I so envy you! Please buy the dress and tell me all about how much it loved the LA weather :-)

  5. The pieces you've featured here create such a stunning bohemian aesthetic - I can truly imagine someone like Nicole Richie wearing this ensemble!! :)


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