In the Kid's Closet: Christmas Loot Recap

A guest post by Cool Kid....

What's up? This is Cool Kid and I want to talk about the polo style shirts that I got for Christmas. I'd first like to start off with the blue and gray Tony Hawk long-sleeved polo.

Next is the black, blue, and gray striped long-sleeved polo.

To all the serious skateboarding fans, I'm not sure if it's his signature, but Tony Hawk's name is definitely woven in the shirts. So look out for it because I know it's in stores if I could get it for Christmas. I may not like skateboarding, but I do like skateboarding style shoes and shirts, and these shirts are definitely nice enough to wear. Next I've got 1 Urban polo shirt for you. This polo is a green, black, and white striped polo. I will be wearing this shirt within 2 weeks. For the best of all polos I've ever gotten in my life, this one makes the list. Don't get me wrong, I still love the others.

My mom's favorite thing I have is a Stella McCartney for Gap blue and gray, long-sleeved button-down shirt.

That may be the end of shirts, but I've got more to talk about. I got some new...sweatpants? Regular pants? Well, I'm not sure but I now know that I can wear them for any occasion. Now isn't that handy? I also got jeans. Not just any jeans no, no, no... these are DISTRESSED DENIM. Kinda fancy, huh?

I like polo style shirts because they're kinda fancy, but are still kinda casual too. So you can wear them to dinner, but you can wear them to school too. I may have liked all my clothes, but my real favorite Christmas gift was the 19" widescreen HDTV. So thanks for reading, but for now, I'll pass the fashion stuff back to my mom, and get back to watching my awesome TV.


  1. This is so funny...I was like the biggest tomboy in middle and high school and I worshipped Tony Hawk's clothes. Yes, I wore them even though they were made for a boy. I am the complete opposite now - total girly girl!! :)

  2. LOL! I can't imagine!!! You are so girly and sparkly now! That's too funny.


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