Santa's Little ELF

This year, your face is getting a little treat from Santa via your favorite E.L.F--E.L.F. Cosmetics, which is available in Target stores this holiday season! E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics is best known for its inexpensive products—most individual makeup items (a lipgloss, an eye shadow, etc.) are priced at $1.00 with gift sets just slightly more expensive starting at $5.00. Bath and Body items are also moderately priced at approximately $4.00 per bottle, with gift sets being slightly more expensive as well. While the prices are amazing, the snag with ordering these beauty cheapies online is usually in the shipping costs. If you’re just ordering a few items, shipping costs can mirror or even exceed the price of your actual order— so it’s not always a very cost effective endeavor. In general, one way to combat this is by placing group orders with friends and splitting the shipping costs. But right now, an even better way to avoid missing out on these great products is the ability to purchase in-store at local Target stores!

There is no sacrifice in quality with E.L.F. cosmetics. The products are on par with other popular inexpensive or drugstore brands. The duo eye shadow cream is a favorite item of mine—it goes on the eyelid evenly, lasts all day and comes in a variety of complimentary colors.

Photo Credit: Eyeslipsface.com - duo eye shadow cream in black licorice

Look for E.L.F cosmetics in Target stores around your area and have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Falling For: Retro Legs

Looking back, the 80s appears to have been a horrible time in fashion. But in the moment, it was a fantastically neon, spandex, stirrup'd, big haired fashion fest. Seriously, who didn't want to be Jennifer Beals or Jamie Lee Curtis in their leotards, off the shoulder cut-off shirts and braided headbands?! The retro, 80s inspired items that have cycled back around for this year are truly stylish and inspired nods to the fashion from that decade--but well updated and polished for this one. Great leggings, over-the-knee boots, fingerless gloves and arms full of bracelets have snaked their way back into our collective fashion consciousness. I am particularly enamored at the moment with legwarmers and knee-socks. Crazy, I know. But they're popping up in such adorable prints and patterns and with such great details that I can't help but admire them, and imagine the ways they can be put together. Here are some beautiful leggy options that I am loving from around the net. I actually picked up the Buggiano sock trio from Aldo this past weekend--one argyle, one striped and one solid color, all in shades of gray and black. I'm still playing dress up with them to find the right look. I'll try to post a pic when I have found it!

'Tis the Season

It's November and all the talk of holiday parties across the net and blogosphere has me planning outfits in my head for all the things I might have to attend--granted I have only one tentative party on the calendar, but it can never hurt to have my look ready, right? And just because I'm still waiting for my invitations to arrive, doesn't mean I can't share my thoughts with you. So, for all you lovelies who's calendars are already full, here's a chic party fab outfit idea.

Falling For...

..this Steve Madden Raspberry "Bruffle" bag, $88 at SteveMadden.com. Also comes in Pewter Paris--but the Raspberry is my fav. It's just so sweet--and the perfect pop of winter color.

Summer to Fall

An easy way for the budget fashionista to save money on her wardrobe is to transition some pieces from season to season. Here is an example of one dress--my Forever 21 plaid dress with the pleated skirt--styled for summer and for fall.


Forever 21 plaid dress with bare legs, Jessica Simpson platform pump, hot pink H&M fabric bag, Forever 21 pink bow headband and hot pink nails.

Forever 21 plaid dress with plain black tights, black tall leather boots, Forever 21 beaded cardigan, Urban Outfitters scarf, larger black leather Nine West bag and dark purple nails.