Lashes for Less

We all know we're in a tough economy. But when the going gets tough, rather than sacrifice our beauty regiments, we fashionistas adapt. We morph into super-shopping recessionistas looking for a deal at every turn. Mixing old colors to create new colors; opting for gloss instead of lipstick for everyday use; buying cheaper products--these are some of the ways a recessionista stays fabulous without breaking the bank. To that end, I tried a new, relatively inexpensive (approx. $8) product recently--Revlon's Beyond Natural defining mascara in black--to see if I could get luscious lashes for less than more expensive mascaras.

I have to say I like this product a lot. It glided on smoothly, the brush lifting, curling and separating my lashes easily. One coat was more than enough to darken my lashes enough to stand out, but I applied a second for a little more drama. It even managed to define the thinner lashes under my eye. The product was soft and didn't clump my lashes at all during application. A big plus!

Another fun thing about this mascara: staying power. It lasted through my watery "I've been staring at this computer for too long" work eyes, my "Gosh I'm tired. When will this end?" eye rubbing during my son's 2-hour football practice and right on into the mad dinner/homework dash before bed. (All proof to me that it can withstand a fabulous evening dinner with the honey or a couple of hours out for cocktails with the girls as well.)

The final "do you measure up to your expensive counterparts" test for this product was the removal at bedtime. While I had to scrub twice to remove it completely, it wasn't messy--no black smears or raccoon eyes—just clean, soft lashes.

So, my overall rating of Revlon's Beyond Natural defining mascara: 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. I recommend you run right out to your nearest drug store or visit CVS Online and get it.

Happy recession beauty shopping!

Shop LC Lauren Conrad

Checked out Lauren Conrad’s line for Kohl’s--which is out now. The silent videos on the home page for her collection are just too adorable. Hey Kohl’s marketing team, is this how I’m supposed to feel when I wear the clothes? LOL. But I love and she looks great. Now, onto the clothes….

I am a dress fanatic so my first stop was (obvi!) the dress shop. There are only 2 dresses in the “shop”, but hey, it’s Kohl’s—what did we really expect? The 2 dresses are darling though. I’d totally wear the water color ruffled dress—with the wide belt it’s styled with on the site.

*seen here on Lauren

*Photo credit: Kohl's.com.

From there, I moved onto tops, where there is more of a selection. I can definitely see LC’s aesthetic—all the tops looks like things we’ve seen her wear. Not necessarily a great fit for my body type, but I could probably work with the striped boyfriend sweater, adding skinny jeans and boots….

Which led me right into the pants section where the choices are a skinny jean, a boyfriend jean and a legging—all wardrobe staples for the Fall season!

So overall, while there isn’t a huge selection to choose from at the moment, I think the line is cute. Good luck to LC with this new endeavor.

Michael Kors Spring

I feel like I haven’t posted in so long! It’s been about a week and I’ve so missed it. I’ve been playing around with my template and layout trying to make it a bit brighter. I’m still working on some of the links, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the new look!

I kept an eye on fashion week pics, and in honor of the cute fall Michael Kors sheath dress that I wore for work on Thursday, I thought I’d post some pics from MK’s collection at NYFW.

Check out the full collection at InStyle.com.

Spring 2010!

It’s Fashion Week in NY! I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one will be scouring the net for pics from the Spring 2010 shows. Some of my favs presenting over the next few days include Monique Lhuillier (yesterday), Dianne von Furstenberg (Sunday), Marc Jacobs (9/14) and Vera Wang (9/15). I hope to repost some of my favorite looks. For now, let’s stroll down memory lane to the Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear shows as we prep for the seasons to change and the weather to get a little chilly.

Marc Jacobs


Monique Lhuillier

Zac Posen

Recipe: Bunless Burger | Posh Kitchen

Being a chic mommy is so much more than just fashion--it's a lifestyle. One that requires extensive planning, chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking and generally being everything to everyone. It's so important to maximize time and one of the ways to do that is by making quick, but healthy meals. Here's one I wanted to share. It's my little twist on a Caprese salad. It's super healthy and less than 300 calories! (Gotta be able to fit those skinny jeans!)

You'll need:
-frozen veggie burgers (I prefer Morningstar Farms "tomato and basil pizza burgers". On the back of the box is where I found a version of this recipe and tweaked it with my fav ingredients)
-fresh spinach
-italian dressing
-1 whole tomato - sliced
-havarti or mozzarella cheese - sliced
-bbq sauce

Start out by cooking the veggie burgers according to the package directions(with light oil). In a separate bowl, mix spinach leaves with italian dressing. Lay spinach mixture out onto a serving plate. Place cooked burger and a sliced tomato on top. Layer with cheese slices. Sprinkle with pepper and oregano. Drizzle bbq sauce over the top. Enjoy!

Have Shoes…Need Jeggings

The hunt is on! Even though I have put myself on financial restriction, vowing not to spend money on clothing right now, I am totally, butt crazy (haha--Clueless reference of the day) obsessed with jeggings right now! Jeggings are jean/denim leggings that are body hugging like leggings, tapered like skinny jeans and opaque like jeans. I have the perfect black Jessica Simpson platform pumps to go with. This is the ideal look:

I know they have fabulous jeggings at Asos.com for decent prices (approx. 25 euro), but I have a unique shape and can only buy clothes online when it’s something I’ve worn before and am positive of the sizing. So I’ll need to buy these lovelies in the store, as opposed to online. Please excuse me while I scour the web for stores in my area that carry jeggings!

Will work for pants