Travel Fabulous!

It’s the morning of my vacation—time to double-check my luggage, pull out my comfy cazh fab airport-ready ensemble and throw everything under the sun into my perpetually oversized purse! I’ll be strolling through the airport in a comfy maxi-dress with my big sunglasses to block out the “this flight is way too early in the morning” sun. Do I have everything?
- Travel confirmation? Check!
- Blackberry? Check!
- I-pod and earphones? Check!
- Digital camera? Check!
- Magazines/books? Check!
- A small mirror for post-nap “face” check? Check!
- Cosmetics bag w/ chapstick/lip gloss and any other light makeup needed for my “yes, I wake up looking this refreshed” look? Check! Check!

I think I’m ready to fly the friendly skies!


So I’m prepping for my vaca to Charlotte, NC and feeling totally overwhelmed. So many decisions need to be made: hair straight or curly? Dresses or tanks and leggings? Flats or wedges? There are clothes to be yanked out of the closet, accessories to be matched and products to transfer into those little 3 oz. or less plastic bottles that the airlines require now for carry-on luggage. Ugh, “carry-on luggage”--the total antithesis of my packing personality. It’s usually the shoes and the purses that push my travel bag to the breaking point, and I swear I cry a little bit on the inside every time I have to leave a favorite anything at home while I go on a trip. It’s silly, but it’s part of the fun of being a chic mommy! Oh--and I won’t even get started on the craziness of packing via satellite for my cool kid who is actually already away on vacation at the beach and meeting me at the airport for this trip.

BUT, as I surveyed my place earlier and began the packing ritual, I thought—what better way to make sure I’m travel fabulous than by consulting someone even more fabulous—my favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, via my favorite fashion guide “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour". So, how does Ms. Zoe recommend I pack?:

*Start with shoes on the bottom in sacks or drawstring cloth bags so they don’t get scratched. Protect their shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else you are taking with you.
*The next layer is any jeans, folded in half.
*Then layer everything else, laying it flat with as few folds as possible: trousers, sweaters, dresses. On top, place the more fragile items—anything chiffon, beaded, sequined—turned inside out so they won’t catch.
*Lastly, no matter how tempting, don’t overstuff your bags.

Thanks Rachel! I feel better already!

Summer Beauty Steals: Stila

My most recent beauty purchase, courtesy of the 50% off Stila sale on Haute Look.com is this Convertible bronzer—for that sun-kissed look I love! This little compact is infused with genuine 24kt gold – a known antioxidant with added anti-microbial properties (according to the product description). The color, Marigold, features two golden hues that can be used together or separately for the perfect glow.

Additionally, I snagged the Get glossed Set--Turn on the shine! This set includes four full size lip glazes in the fun colors/flavors Vanilla, Praline, Grapefruit, and Starfruit. Can’t wait to click that famous pen and apply!

Customer Service is NOT Dead

In an era where if my cable goes out it stays out for 2 weeks, I can’t even get an appointment to get my shady wireless internet looked at, my bank charges me fees for just about everything and my T.G.I. Friday’s server stops speaking to me because he brings out the wrong meal and I ask him to replace it with the correct meal--I’ve gotta say, I’d kind of lost faith that customer service exists anywhere anymore!

Here’s the skinny:
I ordered the most adorable green strappy flat sandals ever from UrbanOutfitters.com, and had them shipped to my home address.

I have things shipped to my home often and have never had an issue doing so. If no one is at home, and the package won’t fit in my mailbox, my friendly neighborhood US Postal Worker simply leaves it at my front door and I have a special surprise waiting for me when I arrive home in the evening. THIS time however, someone must have smelled fabulousness because for the first time ever, said package disappeared. I called the post office --which couldn’t track the package past the word “delivered” being typed in by the carrier (no, they didn’t know ‘to where’ it was delivered. That would’ve been crazy, right?). So, since Urban Outfitters’ customer service call-in center was closed (this was a Saturday morning), I sent a message to the customer service email account and crossed my fingers that I would get a response. And I did—first thing Monday morning! The fabulous shoe was no longer available in my size (gulp), but I was issued a new gift card in the amount that I initially paid for it to purchase something else that I fancy. UO could’ve easily shaken responsibility for the undelivered package, but they did not. They were amazing. The moral of the story?: leave it to fashion to re-instate my faith in mankind.

So I encourage you to also visit UrbanOutfitters.com, where the fashion—and the customer service—is always fine.

Happy Customer

R.I.P. Ecote Triple Button T-Strap Sandal, size 7….you will be missed.

Handbag Happy

So, my travels last weekend led me to the Prime Outlets in Queenstown, and oh boy, the goodies I found! Most notably of which, is my new favorite (but yet to be debuted) summer handbag. It makes me feel all “sugar and spice and everything nice” kind of girly. It’s a vibrant green structured cloth bag, with a tan wicker patch in the center near the brown leather handles, and tiny gold accent studs. It’s going to make a great accent piece or pop of color with flirty summer dresses and is big enough to serve as a mommy bag too—you know, for all the snacks, Spongebob wallets, wet naps, chapstick, water etc. that I’ll need to carry around for my son’s benefit. Oh—and the cherry on this little handbag sundae: the price. It was less than $40 PLUS an additional 30% off! Gotta love it!

The picture below is of the wristlet version (in brown)—mine is the larger over-the-shoulder version.

Nine West is currently having a decent sale online on their bags with prices ranging from $15.99 - $79.99 depending on the size. Happy Shopping!

Handbag Happy


As a working mom, juggling both my child’s busy schedule and mine, I’m all about easy. But, as a twirty something woman who loves all things cute, fun and feminine, I want things that bring me a little bit of personal sunshine. And that’s what fashion does for me—I embrace fun, easy, feminine things that make me look and feel fabulous, at prices I can afford! Stylishness, in my opinion, is approaching fashion according to what fits someone’s personality, mood and body--with reckless abandon! Now, that’s chic!

On Deion Sanders’ reality show, he always told his kids “When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you play good, when you play good they pay good!” It sounds funny, but it’s so true. I work/play/create/cook/clean/work out/socialize—whatever—when I feel confident that I look my best.

And of course, no chic mommy would be as chic without her cool kid by her side! My young man is witty, athletic and musically inclined, and I look for things for him to wear that fit all three of those sides of his personality.