Perfectly Inspiring {Simple Stylish Pleasures}

Ever since I was a little girl, my mother’s jewelry box has had a certain draw. When I was young, it was a place of wonderment and fantasy. I’d stand in front of her dresser wearing her high heels, and spraying her perfume--but the most magical moment was when I’d adorn myself with her jewelry, piling on piece after piece until I surely looked ridiculous and weighed down under it all, but I felt like a princess and daydreamed my very own princess fairy tales. Now that I am an adult, not one darn thing has changed! Whenever I visit my mother, I’m that little girl all over again. I wait until the very last day of my visit (partially saving my favorite activity for last, and partially because she’s less likely to say no as I’m rushing out the door with my borrowed goods) and then I head to her dresser and her jewelry box. I rummage around, trying things on, looking in the mirror, dreaming up outfits that will be complimented perfectly by “THIS” piece. I usually slip out with 2-3 “borrowed” items.

I don’t know what it is about my mom’s jewelry box that sucks me in. But it’s just such a wonderful combination of pricey things that I couldn’t or wouldn't buy for myself, and inexpensive costume pieces that I wouldn’t pick up on my own but somehow look great on me just because they are hers. Whatever the draw, it is a simple, stylish pleasure that I hope I never outgrow.