New Shoes!

I scored these lovelies one rainy Friday night about two weeks ago. They are known as Guess Narlene pumps and are patent leather peep-toes with man-made lizard buckle embellishment and a 4" stacked heel. 

I was actually on the hunt for boots, but as I scoured the clearance rack, there they were. I initially found them in a size 6 (which I was totally willing to squeeze my foot into if necessary—never mind the pain), but I knew if I could also find them in a size 7, then it was kismet. And surely, we were meant to be, this shoe and I. They’re currently listed on the Macy’s website for $81.99, but I paid way less for them in the store—yay!


  1. They're gor-geous! Ohmigosh I'm in love! You are going to turn heads in those lady! :)

  2. Thanks Erika! I can't wait to wear them!


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