Outfit: Style It Up With Some Shoes

I wore my booties today! I paired them with my really simple sweater dress from Old Navy, but they dressed it up. The tights are Calvin Klein with an "aztec" print. I wish you could see the detail a little better in the pic...may have to post a closer pic of them later. It was cool that the booties matched the grey Urban Outfitters bag that I already had, so I added that.

**Oh--and the title of this post is a quote from one of my most favorite fashionistas. Who can tell me who said it or what it's from?!?!


  1. For years I would not wear booties, what a fool I was! They are so fab and I love they way they look with dresses.

  2. Agreed, they look fab with dresses! And with skinny jeans! Can't wait to wear them with a pair.

  3. Very cute Kim! I wore my black booties today...courtesy find of the chic mommy!

  4. Yay Patrice! I'm glad you found some--Send me a pic!


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