Leggings Mecca

If you are a lover of the leggings, and you haven’t been on ShopBop lately, go there immediately. They have the most amazing selection of leggings and jeggings that I’ve seen yet. Keep in mind that ShopBop carries mainly high-level designers so they can get a bit pricey (there’s a leather pair by Joseph that retails for over $1000!), but there are definitely affordable pairs there too. My favs: The Marc by Marc Jacobs striped,

the David Lerner half-ripped leggings (and omg the shoes),

and Rich & Skinny Legacy Leggings (omg those shoes!).

Seriously, even if you can’t afford to buy these pretties, just go onto the site and ogle the styling. The shoes they have paired with these leggings literally had me drooling. I kid you not. Drool.

A couple of other sites that have uber adorable leggings/tights for less money include Free People and Urban Outfitters. I just ordered these from Hot Topic. Do you like? I was a little hesitant because the print is bold for me, but I do love them and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

*A special thanks to my good friends MC and Boonie for helping me with my search today!