Have Shoes…Need Jeggings

The hunt is on! Even though I have put myself on financial restriction, vowing not to spend money on clothing right now, I am totally, butt crazy (haha--Clueless reference of the day) obsessed with jeggings right now! Jeggings are jean/denim leggings that are body hugging like leggings, tapered like skinny jeans and opaque like jeans. I have the perfect black Jessica Simpson platform pumps to go with. This is the ideal look:

I know they have fabulous jeggings at Asos.com for decent prices (approx. 25 euro), but I have a unique shape and can only buy clothes online when it’s something I’ve worn before and am positive of the sizing. So I’ll need to buy these lovelies in the store, as opposed to online. Please excuse me while I scour the web for stores in my area that carry jeggings!

Will work for pants