Fab Four

So, I am screaming like a crazy person right now because Sex and the City 2 started taping in NYC yesterday. Am I the only one excited?! I didn't think the first movie could live up to the series, but it so exceeded my expectations and I am dying for Memorial Day weekend 2010. A couple of pics from set:

I am not exactly sure why we are channeling Glenn Close a la Fatal Attraction, but I will reserve judgement until I know the full context.


  1. uhhh of course you arent the only one excited!! girl i need that white dress in my life...it is so sharp!

    and yes 2010 i will be there with popcorn and cocktail in hand (that is if we go to the landmark again lol)!

  2. who are you telling?! that dress and those adorable golden shoes channeling Dorothy (Wiz of Oz) but much more fabulous than the glitter mary janes! haha.

    We have to do the Landmark again! Cocktails are a must!


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