Recipe: Bunless Burger | Posh Kitchen

Being a chic mommy is so much more than just fashion--it's a lifestyle. One that requires extensive planning, chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking and generally being everything to everyone. It's so important to maximize time and one of the ways to do that is by making quick, but healthy meals. Here's one I wanted to share. It's my little twist on a Caprese salad. It's super healthy and less than 300 calories! (Gotta be able to fit those skinny jeans!)

You'll need:
-frozen veggie burgers (I prefer Morningstar Farms "tomato and basil pizza burgers". On the back of the box is where I found a version of this recipe and tweaked it with my fav ingredients)
-fresh spinach
-italian dressing
-1 whole tomato - sliced
-havarti or mozzarella cheese - sliced
-bbq sauce

Start out by cooking the veggie burgers according to the package directions(with light oil). In a separate bowl, mix spinach leaves with italian dressing. Lay spinach mixture out onto a serving plate. Place cooked burger and a sliced tomato on top. Layer with cheese slices. Sprinkle with pepper and oregano. Drizzle bbq sauce over the top. Enjoy!