The Beautiful Life: TBL

10 Reasons why I loved this show and will be tuning in again this week:

1. guest appearance from Zac Posen and his fabulous clothes
2. Mischa Barton starring as former supermodel on the decline, Sonya Stone
3. Claudia Schiffer (as herself) as a high-powered model agent and Sonya Stone's (Misha's) agent
4. soundtrack mildly robbed from the Devil Wears Prada and so so fitting
5. Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame) as Isaac, former child model for
Ralph Lauren/struggling adult male model
6. Generally beautiful people, totally fabulous clothes and hot styling
7. Intrigue in the form of: up and coming model, Raina's, soon to be paroled--and possibly very scary and very powerful--father's dislike for her occupation and residence in NYC; and Sonya's mysterious disappearance, during which, she 'maybe' had a kid
8. Drama: Raina "stealing" Sonya's runway show; Iowa farm kid, Chris, plucked from his family visit and dropped in a model brownstone with diva and drug dealing male models; and the agent who found Chris potentially using him as a boy toy
9. Blossoming romance between novice models Raina and Chris
10. Glittery party dresses!!

Check it out, Wednesday at 9:00pm, on the CW.