Fashion TV: Zoe Happy With The Rachel Zoe Project

I am SO happy the Rachel Zoe Project is back! "I die!" Her show is "BA-nanas"! LOL. Her catch phrases are awesome.

Her styling associates--Taylor, with her edgy/cool/trendy/hip style, and classic/clean/preppy/bow-tie wearing Brad—are back as well, and are funnier than ever. This season they’re actually getting along. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I am loving Rachel’s new larger studio and it looks like she has also hired an assistant and 2 interns to help with the work load.

So during this first episode of Season 2, it was awards season—and eek! There were no fabulous gowns to be found for celebrity red carpet appearances. Because of the economy—fashion houses were less willing to spend money to ship dresses knowing that there's a chance that their dresses wouldn’t actually get worn. Rachel worked her Rachel magic though and managed to find perfection for all 5 of the actresses she was dressing for the Golden Globes.

Anne Hathaway (Armani)

Eva Mendes(white Dior gown, vintage Van Cleef & Arpels turquoise jewelry)

Cameron Diaz (hot pink Chanel)

Debra Messing (navy Vera Wang)

Demi Moore (peach Dior, Cartier jewels)

My favorite quotes of night both came from Brad:
(On the intern getting to try on fabulous gowns so Rachel can see them on an actual body) "Isn't trying on dresses every girl's dream?...and some boys?"

(On frustrating cell service and the guy he saw out his car window across the street)
"The fact that I can't even make a 5 minute call to my boss is really stressing me out. [pause] Oh my god, is that my boyfriend?!"

LMAO. Can’t wait for the next episode!