Prada + Butterflies = Love

I am a super-sized sunglasses junkie AND a butterfly fiend, so these babies have just hit the top of my wish list! Priced at approximately $165 USD (and up), they fall at the top of my price range, but a girl can dream!! (And scour discount and online auction sites in the hope of lucking up).

Also available in a variety of other colors: black, shiny black, gloss black, tortoise, spotted tortoise and white.


  1. I think the Simmons daughter had these on somewhere I saw recently! Very chic mommy :)

  2. love this! i'm sure gilt will have them soon...i was just thinking today that i am going invest in a good pair of big jackie o shades :)

  3. I was looking for them last week when they had the sunglasses sale! I will definitely be keeping my eyes open and if you see them before I do...HOLLAAAAAA! lol


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