House of Jazmin

Last night I watched my recording of MTV's new show House of Jazmin from Tuesday night and I was not disappointed. The 30 minute reality show follows Jazmin Whitley, a young fashion designer as she deals with the stresses of running her own label. She makes it a family affair, using her grandparents' house for model fittings, her mom as her business manager and her little brother as the label's official photog. The premiere episode chronicled Jazmin as she prepped for a show with her best friend/business partner, Morgan. I was super impressed with the maturity level of these little divas as they operated on not enough sleep and dealt with cranky models. And the line she debuted, oh the line! I totally adore. The point-of-view was total 60's mod--sweet little A-Line dresses in bright colors and polka dots, styled with chunky jewelry, big hair and smoky eyes. I am looking forward to seeing more of Jazmin. I'm not sure how many episodes MTV ordered, but I'll be watching, Tuesdays at 10pm after Daddy's Girls.