So I’m prepping for my vaca to Charlotte, NC and feeling totally overwhelmed. So many decisions need to be made: hair straight or curly? Dresses or tanks and leggings? Flats or wedges? There are clothes to be yanked out of the closet, accessories to be matched and products to transfer into those little 3 oz. or less plastic bottles that the airlines require now for carry-on luggage. Ugh, “carry-on luggage”--the total antithesis of my packing personality. It’s usually the shoes and the purses that push my travel bag to the breaking point, and I swear I cry a little bit on the inside every time I have to leave a favorite anything at home while I go on a trip. It’s silly, but it’s part of the fun of being a chic mommy! Oh--and I won’t even get started on the craziness of packing via satellite for my cool kid who is actually already away on vacation at the beach and meeting me at the airport for this trip.

BUT, as I surveyed my place earlier and began the packing ritual, I thought—what better way to make sure I’m travel fabulous than by consulting someone even more fabulous—my favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, via my favorite fashion guide “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour". So, how does Ms. Zoe recommend I pack?:

*Start with shoes on the bottom in sacks or drawstring cloth bags so they don’t get scratched. Protect their shape by stuffing them with socks, tank tops, or something else you are taking with you.
*The next layer is any jeans, folded in half.
*Then layer everything else, laying it flat with as few folds as possible: trousers, sweaters, dresses. On top, place the more fragile items—anything chiffon, beaded, sequined—turned inside out so they won’t catch.
*Lastly, no matter how tempting, don’t overstuff your bags.

Thanks Rachel! I feel better already!