Travel Fabulous!

It’s the morning of my vacation—time to double-check my luggage, pull out my comfy cazh fab airport-ready ensemble and throw everything under the sun into my perpetually oversized purse! I’ll be strolling through the airport in a comfy maxi-dress with my big sunglasses to block out the “this flight is way too early in the morning” sun. Do I have everything?
- Travel confirmation? Check!
- Blackberry? Check!
- I-pod and earphones? Check!
- Digital camera? Check!
- Magazines/books? Check!
- A small mirror for post-nap “face” check? Check!
- Cosmetics bag w/ chapstick/lip gloss and any other light makeup needed for my “yes, I wake up looking this refreshed” look? Check! Check!

I think I’m ready to fly the friendly skies!