Customer Service is NOT Dead

In an era where if my cable goes out it stays out for 2 weeks, I can’t even get an appointment to get my shady wireless internet looked at, my bank charges me fees for just about everything and my T.G.I. Friday’s server stops speaking to me because he brings out the wrong meal and I ask him to replace it with the correct meal--I’ve gotta say, I’d kind of lost faith that customer service exists anywhere anymore!

Here’s the skinny:
I ordered the most adorable green strappy flat sandals ever from UrbanOutfitters.com, and had them shipped to my home address.

I have things shipped to my home often and have never had an issue doing so. If no one is at home, and the package won’t fit in my mailbox, my friendly neighborhood US Postal Worker simply leaves it at my front door and I have a special surprise waiting for me when I arrive home in the evening. THIS time however, someone must have smelled fabulousness because for the first time ever, said package disappeared. I called the post office --which couldn’t track the package past the word “delivered” being typed in by the carrier (no, they didn’t know ‘to where’ it was delivered. That would’ve been crazy, right?). So, since Urban Outfitters’ customer service call-in center was closed (this was a Saturday morning), I sent a message to the customer service email account and crossed my fingers that I would get a response. And I did—first thing Monday morning! The fabulous shoe was no longer available in my size (gulp), but I was issued a new gift card in the amount that I initially paid for it to purchase something else that I fancy. UO could’ve easily shaken responsibility for the undelivered package, but they did not. They were amazing. The moral of the story?: leave it to fashion to re-instate my faith in mankind.

So I encourage you to also visit UrbanOutfitters.com, where the fashion—and the customer service—is always fine.

Happy Customer

R.I.P. Ecote Triple Button T-Strap Sandal, size 7….you will be missed.